I’ve been promising it for over two years now, but finally I’m getting to Ginger’s backstory; the tale of how she encountered the Martian Cat-Men on the Moon.

As I mentioned before, Hannibal Tesla started out as an role-playing game campaign I ran with my wife some years ago.  It started out as a Pulp Era space opera, with her playing a Plucky Girl Reporter encountering a Mystery in Space.  It wasn’t until later on in the campaign when her character encountered Hannibal and his crew.

When I started working on the webcomic, however, I decided to give Hannibal top billing, and for that reason I wanted to introduce Hannibal and his crew first.  So I started off with the adventure with Ginger’s introduction to Hannibal’s team.

In this storyline we’ll get a bit more into the Futuristic aspects of Hannibal’s world.  Charles Lindburgh landed on the moon in 1929, and an expedition to Mars is soon to be launched from the City in Space orbiting the Earth.  Ginger will be going to Goddard City to do a story about the expedition and there she will discover that Sinister Forces are out to sabatoge it.