#1:  Sky Terror of Weng Hu  A strange robbery of a museum in Los Angeles leads Hannibal on a race to Tibet against a criminal mastermind to find an ancient treasure of unlimited power!

Our Cast:

Hannibal Tesla, Man of Science— The son of the brilliant inventor, Hannibal Tesla is a modern Renaissance man.  He is recognized as a leading expert in several scientific fields; he speaks a dozen languages fluently, and has trained his body to the pinnacle of human perfection.  He assisted Robert Goddard in designing the first Moon Rocket and with Charles Lindbergh, landed on the moon in 1929.  He developed the Electric Autogyro and perfected the Subterranean Mole Machine.  He also makes a mean peanut butter and liverwurst sandwich.

Francis Xavier Grogan, Two-Fisted Archaeologist — Although his appearance suggests the fabled Missing Link, Grogan is actually one of the leading archaeologists in the field.  His knowledge of ancient civilizations and languages makes him invaluable to Hannibal’s team, as does his skills as a bare-knuckle fighter.  He has a firey Irish temper, which sometimes gets him in trouble; and is a habitual skirt-chaser, which always gets him in trouble. He also has lamentable taste in clothes.

Raymond Steele, Cinema Idol — Handsome and dapper, British actor Ray Steele is best known for his roles in Hollywood B-movies such as Skies of Texas and I Died Yet Again.  His leading-man looks and his suave charm would probably make him a top star if he didn’t spend so much time away from Hollywood adventuring with Hannibal’s team. He is talented at impersonation, and studied fencing with Basil Rathbone.  Like Grogan, he has a weakness for the ladies; and the two men’s rivalry in this area sometimes drives Hannibal to distraction.

Elwood Braun, Mathematical Marvel — He seems quiet and bookish, but under his mop of unruly hair rests the mind of a mathematical genius.  Elwood’s ability to instantly calculate complex equations makes him an uncanny marksman and he usually has a pistol tucked away on his person.  He rarely gets excited and usually seems completely absorbed in his reading; but he is highly perceptive of the details around him.  You don’t want to play pool against him.

Billy Highcloud, Navajo Ace — The youngest member of Hannibal’s team, Billy is not actually an ace.  He was too young to fight during the Great War, although his father served as was a decorated pilot.  Billy grew up barnstorming with his father around the Southwest.  A skilled mechanic and a natural pilot, Billy can fly anything with wings; and a few things without them.  He has strong ties with his family, especially his Grandfather, whose proverbs he likes to quote.

Ginger DuPree, Girl Reporter— The most recent addition to the team, Ginger DuPree is a reporter for the Chicago Courier.  She covered the Martian Invasion of the Moon and for a time was a prisoner of the Martian Cat-Men.  (Her prosthetic tail is a “gift” of the Martians, which she sometimes finds a nuisance).  Gutsy and impetuous, she’s now after an even bigger story:  Hannibal Tesla.

Inspector Lawrence Li and Timmy:  The celebrated Honolulu detective is currently vacationing in Hong Kong, accompanied by his Number One Son, Timmy.  Larry Li’s somewhat stilted speaking pattern conceals a keen criminological mind.  Timmy’s speaking pattern reveals his college education in America.

Pherd Lhapka:  A Sherpa guide who was worked with Hannibal on previous adventures in Tibet, including an unsuccessful attempt to climb Mt. Everest.  He’s hoping for better luck next time.

The Yeti:  Just your typical everyday yeti.

Weng Hu:  A mysterious mastermind whose criminal empire covers much of Asia and who controls it from his dirigible.  He has an army of soldiers who fly on rocket packs of his own invention.  And he has a thing for girls with tails…