#2:  Invasion of the Cat-Men From Mars   Now it can be told!  The story of how before she met Hannibal, Ginger DuPree traveled to the Moon and uncovered an alien invasion!

Our Cast:

Ginger DuPree, Girl Reporter: The plucky reporter from the Chicago Courier has been sent to Goddard Station, the orbital platform where the first rocketship to Mars is being constructed, to write a story about the mission.

Perihelion Grue, Rocket Pilot:  The daughter of one of the nation’s leading rocket scientists, Peri is a skilled rocket pilot herself, and makes friends with Ginger.

Willie Brightman, Radio Astronomer:  A brilliant young scientist who works with the radio telescope on the Goddard Space Station.  An earnest young man, Willie is sometimes frustrated that he is not taken seriously by the other scientists on board the Station.  He has discovered a mysterious signal coming from the depths of space which someone really ought to take seriously…

Dr. Benjamin Grue, Rocket Scientist:  Dr. Grue is a colleague of Robert Goddard, the man who led the first expedition to the Moon, and is a reknowned rocket scientist in his own right. He is in charge on the Mars Expedition.  He’s also the one who named his daughter “Perihelion”.

Sir Nigel Malcolm-Sangazure:  Sir Nigel is the Chief Astronomer for the British Stent Observatory located on the far side of the Moon.  He is visiting Goddard Station and has nothing do do with the mysterious accidents taking place.  Why would he?  He has a private rocket ship, the Cleopatra’s Needle.  He also has a pencil-thin mustache.

Miss Belladonna Darling:  Miss Darling is Sir Nigel’s secretary and personal pilot.  She is highly efficient.

Major Brad Carter:  An officer of the U.S. Army Space Corps and the man who will serve as Commander of the Mars Expedition.  He is in charge of the Millitary’s role in the construction of the Mars Rocket, and as such is leading the investigation into the mysterious accidents which have been occurring

Burke:  Yes, who is Burke anyway…?

Lieutenant Mrel:  A Martian scout who’s part of the Cat-Men’s invasion force on the Moon.  Having captured Ginger, he thinks he ought to be able to keep her.


Commander Ffft:  Officer in charge of the Martian’s advance bace on the Moon.  He doesn’t particularly like Earthlings, and doesn’t see why they shouldn’t just kill Ginger right away.  It’s the sensible thing to do.


Admiral Coeurl:  Supreme commander of the Martian invasion fleet.  He takes an interest in Ginger. Since he outranks everybody else, he’s the one who gets to keep Ginger.


The Lunarian:  Representative of a long-vanished alien race on the Moon

Lord Rumtum:  Chief Advisor to the Martian Emperor, who thinks that the Earthlings are a threat to Mars

Arch-Prelate Ackthpt:  High Priest of Mars, who thinks that the Earthlings are an abomination

Emperor Antigonous Excelsior Rowlbrazzle Puff XXVIII:  The Supreme Ruler of Mars.  Ain’t he the cutest thing?

Pounce:  A deadly assassin in Ackthpt’s employ