A furry artist named David Hopkins has done a YouTube video in which he and some of his friends do dramatic readings of a couple of my stories that ran many years ago in GENUS, an adult furry anthology comic published by Radio Comix.  The stories are on the bawdy side, because that’s the kind of comic book GENUS was, but they have been tastefully edited to be Safe For Work, Mostly.

The first story, “Dungeon for Two”, is about a D&D game that veers off in unexpected directions, because as every Game Master knows, no plot, no matter how well-planned, ever survives contact with the players.  And includes pistachio pudding.  The second, “Hard Sell”, is about an insurance salesman and a wrong briefcase.  The video also includes a brief phone interview with me and more bits of my artwork.

You can watch the video here:  Anthro Literature Club — Episode 3:  Kurt Wilcken, Dungeon for Two & Hard Sell