In my secret identity, I am a ninja cartoonist.

I’ve been drawing since I was about knee-high to a bottle of India ink.  I drew comic strips for local newspapers in high school, and in college I was a political cartoonist for the campus paper and printed my own hand-made comic books.  During the 1990s, I wrote and drew comic books for INNOVATION, Antarctic Press and Radio Comix.

I currently do occasional freelance and commission work and draw a weekly web comic, Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine, which can now be found here on this site.

I live in the Enchanted Land-O-Cheese with my wife Lute (also known as the Frisky Ferretlass); my daughters Gamera Rose and Rodan; two cats; a pair of finches; lots of fish; a snake and a hatful of ferrets.

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A list of some of my projects and published works

Commissions and Contact Information

Why yes, I also do commissioned artwork. Here is how you can get in touch with me.