For Those Who Came In Late…

It’s been six years since Charles Lindbergh, Robert Goddard and Hannibal Tesla became the first men to walk on the Moon.  Ace reporter GINGER DuPREE has been sent to the Goddard Space Station orbiting the earth to do a story on a planned expedition to Mars.

En route, she meets PERIHELION GRUE, daughter of the scientist in charge of the Mars project, MAJOR BRAD CARTER, an officer with the U.S. Army Space Corps who will pilot the mission, and WILLIE BRIGHTMAN, a young astronomer working with the station’s radio telescope.  She also meets SIR NIGEL, the head of the Stent Observatory on the far side of the Moon, and his assistant MISS DARLING.

While Ginger is touring the space station, a meteor strike nearly causes catastrophe.  This is but the latest in a series of accidents that has plagued the Mars Mission.  Ginger suspects they might be sabotage.

She is correct.  When Willie notices strange radio signals coming from Mars, the saboteur lures him into a trap intended to wreck the station.  Ginger and Willie manage to foil the bomb plot and the saboteur meets a grisly end.

Ginger believes that Sir Nigel has some connection with the sabotage, and so she stows away on his rocket ship when he leaves to return to the Moon.  Her extra weight on board the rocket throws it off-course and forces them to land far from Nigel’s base.  Ginger makes a desperate attempt to flee across the surface of the moon, but is captured by a mysterious figure who reveals himself to be a Cat-Man from the planet Mars.

Sir Nigel has allied himself with the Cat-Men, and they are using his observatory as an advance base for their planned invasion of the Earth.  The Martian in charge of the base, COMMANDER FFFT, wants to kill Ginger as a spy, but LIEUTENANT MREL, the Martian who captured Ginger, claims her as a spoil of war.  As they argue over Ginger’s fate, ADMIRL COEURL, Supreme Commander of the invasion fleet, intervenes and orders her taken to his own cabin.

Can Ginger escape and warn the Earth…?