iconauctionSamuel Johnson once said that no one but a blockhead ever drew sexy cat-gals except for money.  Or maybe he said something like that.  But whatever the case, I do drawings on commission, so if you have a burning desire to own a piece of artwork by a Certified Ninja Cartoonist, here is your opportunity.

Commissioned Artwork:  A drawing of your request on 9x 12′ Bristol Board.  B&W:  $25.00;  Color: $50.00

Character Cards:  An original drawing of a character of your choice in either black & white or color on a 3 x 5″ index card.  Ideal for RPG characters!  B&W: $5.00;  Color: $10.00

Hannibal Tesla Prints:  You may order a print of your favorite Hannibal Tesla page, printed on 8.5 x 11″ glossy card stock $10.00

Contact me at kurtoons.wilcken (at) gmail.com for payment and shipping information