tesla danger cover 01 sample

With the conclusion of SKY TERROR of WENG HU, we’re ready to embark on an all-new adventure for HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE.  And, there will be a few changes as well.

First of all, the webcomic is falling back to a once-per-week schedule. Sorry, but that’s about the best I can do right now.  But to make up for it, the comic will now be in Color.

I will also be offering some new incentives for my PATREON donors.  All current donors pledging $1.00 per month or more will receive a hand drawn, hand colored 3X5″ drawing of one of our cast members of the donor’s choice.  Each donor pledging $5.00 or more will also receive a cartoon portrait of him or herself, in the persona of an adventurer from the Futuristic World of 1935.  This incentive will be offered not only to current PATREONS, but also to everyone who becomes a PATREON donating to this site during the month of February.

The new storyline, DANGER CAY, is beginning this week.