Doomed Slayers by Jürgen Hubert (Hell Creek Sanitarium 2012) — a role-playing game suppliment

Day’s End Lullabye by Karen Cioffy (Booksurge Publishing, 2011) — a children’s bedtime book

Trouble on Earth Day by Kathy Stemke (Wild Plains Press, 2011) — a children’s picture book with ecological themes

Who Killed Kathleen Gingers? by Gary Akins (Furry Logic Productions, 2010) — A “fur noir” hard-boiled detective novel set in a world of anthropomorphic animals.  I was one of several artist contributing.

A Life of Ravens by Alex Ness (Sharayah Press, 2007 ) — a collection of poetry by illutstrated by several artists.


Innovation:  Celestial Mechanics (1990-91; a three issue miniseries, script only).

Antarctic Press:  Aztec Anthropomorphic Amazons (1994, single issue); short stories in Ninja High School Yearbook (1992-94); Girls of Ninja High School (1993); Hit the Beach (1993); Furrlough (1993-96); A-Bomb (1994-95) and Genus (1995-96).

Radio Comix:  Furrlough (1997-01); Genus (1997-02); Hit the Beach (1997) various short stories.  Furrlough Presents Sex Kitten (2004)  a one-shot collection of short pieces originally running in Furrlough; more wholesome than the title suggests.

I’m Hungry!  Promotional comic strip created for a local delivery service.  2009

Wausau to Go:  Promotional comic strip created for a Wausau delivery service.  2009-present

Fan Publications

Anomaly:  A fanzine published by the Ames Science Fiction Association.  I contributed cartoons and illustrations for the ‘zine from 1981-1985, and served as co-editor in 1985.

HUZZAH! Anthropomorphics for Artists:  A quarterly APA (Amateur Publishing Association) devoted to “furry” art and containing work by some of the best artists in fur-dom.  I was a regular contributor from about 1990-2003

Anime Iowa 2001:  I drew a series of illustrations for the signage for an animation convention.  2001.

Self-Published Comics

Brisbane the Barbarian (#1-#4)

Arizona Schwartz the Lost Archaeologist — If adventure has a name, it probably isn’t Arizona Schwartz

Little-Known Olympic Sports

Rambi  — She’s armed; she’s dangerous; she’s cute as the dickens.

Drip Toadstarfer Presents (#1-#2)  short pieces and little pieces of weirdness.


VH Comics:  A comic strip I drew for a Harry Potter website.  2002-2003

Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine:  Originally running at ComicSpace and at Abandoned Towers; currently running here.


Cartoon Portraits:  I draw cartoon portraits at the Elkhart Lake Farmer’s Market and other local craft events.  2006-present


“Spitting at the Sun” — short story in Hunt The Wilderlands (2011), a dark fantasy anthology.

Iowa State Daily:  Weekly political humor column

Live and Let Dice:  An occasional column about role-playing games at a sadly now defunct website called Pop Thought.  I’ve archived some of my columns here:  Cold Steel and India Ink

Street Prophets:  An online community for Progressive People of Faith, where I occasionally post under the name of quarkstomer

Dead to My Flesh:  A weblog devoted to spiritual issues that I occasionally contribute to.

Puppet Plays and Skits:  From (1998-2000) I was invovled with the Sunday School program at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Sheboygan and wrote a number of puppet plays for them.  I also wrote skits that were used in the VBS program that several area Lutheran churches participated in.



Concordia College, Milwaukee

Iowa State University;  BA in Art/Graphic Design, 1985

Graphic Design Work:

Staff Cartoonist; the Iowa State Daily, Ames, IA.  — I drew editorial cartoons for the student newspaper averaging about two per week.  Starting the summer of 1984 I also drew a weekly comic strip and wrote occasional opinion pieces.  In 1985 I was made Graphics Editor.  1993-1985.

Production Artist;  Business Publications Corporation, Des Moines, IA  — I did paste-up, ad and page design and illustration for the Des Moines Skywalker and the Business Record, two weekly tabloid newspapers.  1985-1988.

Graphic Assistant;  Commercial Plastics Packaging, Ames, IA  — I prepared artwork for camera and shot negatives for a firm manufacturing degradable plastic bags.  March, 1989-August 1990.