tesla weng cover color test 03

As some of my long-time readers will remember, the first storyline in HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE was titled “Sky Terror of Weng Hu” and introduced Ginger DuPree, girl reporter to Hannibal and his team of Able Associates.  I followed “Sky Terror” with “Cat-Men from Mars”, telling the backstory of what Ginger did during the Martian Invasion and how she got her tail.  Partway into that storyline, my website ate all my archived webcomics.  I had to re-post the earlier chapters of “Cat-Men”, but because the events of “Sky Terror” took place after Ginger’s return to Earth, I decided to wait with posting the first story until after I had finished the second.

Which is now.

With this week, I am re-posting the “Sky Terror of Weng Hu” storyline.  I’ll be running two chapters per week for the run of the story arc.  After that, I might go back to one per week, or continue with the twice weekly schedule, depending on how far ahead I can get.

You can begin reading “Sky Terror” here.

And you can get advanced looks at each week’s chapters, as well as additional sketches, artwork and whatever I can pull out of my ear, by visiting my PATREON page and becoming a donor. You can help maket he Futuristic World of 1935 a reality!