A couple things I skimmed over for the sake of trying to move a plot I’ve let sit for too long.  First of all, Ginger’s outfit.  I gave her a new outfit partially because Phil and  Wendall would have tossed her previous outfit in the laundry to be decontaminated.  Where did they get the outfit she has on now?  I dunno.  I’m open to suggestions.  But I also wanted Ginger’s clothing to match the cover art pic.  Which isn’t to say that we’ll have a scene exactly like the one on the cover.  After all, everybody knows that comic book covers always lie.

I feel more guilty about glossing over Tesla’s appearance.  I wanted to show that he was coming down from the roof of the lab where he was checking some apparatus involving the gigantic mushroom-shaped structure we saw earlier.  Kind of dangerous to do in a storm, but Pops Tesla tends to be a bit overconfident when it comes to electricity.  My intent was to have him coming down to the ground level of the lab descending a spiral staircase and wearing a raincoat.  The staircase turned out horribly, because I mostly tired to just fake it.

Oh, and we also have a call-back to the joke from way, way back that Hannibal’s family gives him a hard time about him and girls with tails.  (You date just one Cave Girl from a Dinosaur Island and they never let you live it down!)