It’s been a while since we’ve put Ginger in a gratuitous shower scene.  Okay, to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the comic at all.  Mea culpa.  But having established that part of the island is radioactive, due to radium deposits, I wanted to have a scene where Ginger goes through a decontamination procedure, like the one in Dr. No.  Always steal from the best.

One of the technicians makes reference to a “Geiger–Müller reading.”  “Geiger–Müller counter” is another name for a Geiger counter, giving credit to Wather Müller, who worked with Hans Geiger to develop the device for detecting alpha particles. beta particles and gamma radiation.  Considering that these guys are working with radium power, and concerned with nuclear safety, it makes sense that they might assume that Ginger’s tail is an unusual mutation.  The truth, of course, is even weirder.