Merry Christmas, everyone, and may this holiday season bring blessing and joy.  And thank you for spending part of your holiday with Ginger and her friends.

I’m about halfway through with filling in the lost chapters of “Cat-Men from Mars”.  I’ve been re-posting them at a rate of four or five per week and with luck I’ll be caught up with the current storyline by early February.  Then I can go back and start filling in “Sky Terror of Weng Hu”!

For those trying to follow the “Cat-Men from Mars” storyline, it begins here with Chapter 1.  As of this morning I have Chapters 1-31 re-posted.  Then there’s a gap between there and the new material starting with Chapter 61.  I also have a synopsis giving a brief rundown of the plot of the first 60 pages.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy to you all.