I’m afraid it’s another bye week for “Cat-Men From Mars”.  Extra overtime at work and a couple of other projects made me postpone the new chapter until next week.  But I have been filling in the earlier installments that the website ate last Fall and with luck we’ll be caught up with them in a couple month’s time.  You can read the early chapters thus far starting here; and a synopsis of the first part of the Ginger’s space adventure here.

You also may have noticed a few changes to the site these past couple weeks.  I replaced the boring title at the top with something a li’l more interesting.  The grouping at the right hand side is a gang of some of my characters past and present, including Hannibal Tesla and Ginger DuPree.  I hope to do more improvements to the site as I have time and ambition.

Another additon to the site is the Donate button on the left side.  As Dr. Johnson so wisely observed, “No one but a blockhead ever drew sexy cat-girls except for money.”  Or maybe he said something like that.  Now you can contribute to this site and help keep this blockhead at the drawing board.

“But wait,” I hear you say; “what about those other projects he mentioned?”  Well, the big one is that handsome fellow to the left who will be starring in a comic by Carlton Donaghe titled HERCULES UNLEASHED which will be a part of the Mojo Pop Comics Group.  The Gods of Olympus are alive and well and living in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Unbeknownst to his fans, Steve Atlas, mild-mannered international movie star and idol of millions, is actually the legendary demigod HERCULES, defending Hollywood from mythological menaces!  But can even the tremendous strength of the Son of Jupiter stand up to the might of the Minotaur?  More information to come.