I started a blog several years ago titled “Cold Steel and India Ink” which I originally intended to be about the role-playing games I was running. As it turned out, my write-ups didn’t keep up with my games and so I quickly let it slide. Then after a while I was using the site to archive some gaming-related pieces I wrote for another blog, (now sadly gone) titled Pop Thought. Unfortunately I didn’t have many of those intact as most of them were devoured in a seige by Chinese hackers which horribly mangled thePop Thought website.

About a year ago, I decided to revive Cold Steel and India Ink to host another old project of mine. This one, too, is gaming related.

A friend of ours named James Crowther, whom my wife and I met on a Harry Potter fansite under the name of Lord Jex Featherbunny, started an online game he called “Dark Redemption.” It was a wainscot fantasy set in a medium-sized city in Britain where creatures of the supernatural lurk behind the modern facade. Jex’s original plan was that the game would take place on two levels: The characters would bounce off each other on a Chat Room format, and they would also each have an online diary in which the players would record their other adventures.

As things went, the live interactive aspect of the game never really clicked, but the individual journals, taken together, sort of formed something like a shared-world novel.

I was rather pleased with my own character’s adventures, and so I decided to take his story and serialize it on the blog.

It’s a somewhat rambling thing, as stories written in serial form often are; and I never actually finished it. I hope to extend the story once I finish posting the material already written and maybe even conclude it.

The first chapter of Dark Redemption can be found here