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It occurs to me that I really ought to mention some of the other projects that I’ve been working on when I’m not drawing Martian Cat-Men.

I’m a fairly regular poster on the political website Daily Kos.  Occasionally, my posts are political, as one might figure; but for the past few years I’ve also been writing a weekly series on my favorite science fiction and fantasy novels for the site’s Readers & Book Lover’s Group.   My Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club diaries for the most part have been detailed examinations of some of the great science fiction and fantasy from Jules Verne to Douglas Adams.

Currently I’m taking a break from the series, but you can find a listing of my SF/F Diaries at my Nifty Sci-Fi/Fantasy Index.

And I have cross-posted several of my pieces at Poplitiko, a blog maintained by my good friend, poet and Minnesotan Alex Ness.

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