tesla cat 100x teaser

This week marks the 100th page of Cat-Men from Mars.  As you can see, Ginger is excited about the celebration.

The story started out as a RPG campaign I ran with my Sweet One Lute several years back.  It was a space opera set in the Pulp Era in which her character, Ginger, was captured by alien invaders, inspired by the Tiger-Men of Mars from the old Buck Rogers comic strip.

As the campaign progressed, her character returned to Earth and had more adventures, meeting a heroic scientist based on Doc Savage named Hannibal Tesla.  Ginger’s meeting with Hannibal and their adventure in Tibet became the basis for the first storyline of my webcomic, “Sky Terror of Weng Hu”.

My plan was to introduce Hannibal and his team in “Sky Terror”, and then go back and fill in the story of Ginger’s Martian Adventure, to explain some of her background and where she got her tail.  This was complicated when a big chunk of my archives got wiped out, but I suppose it serves me right for doing things backwards.

So what comes next for Ginger?  Well, she still has an invasion to thwart, but I hope to wrap up this storyline and get her back to Earth by the end of the year.  After that, I plan on re-posting “Sky Terror” — probably doing two or three pages per week until I get caught up.  That will give me time to work on an all-new adventure involving Hannibal’s father, his arch-enemy and a Death Ray!

Keep Watching the Skies!