It’s the return of Otto!  As you may remember, (It’s been so long!) last we saw him was when he and Creepy Guy Stone had boarded the Twentieth Century Limited following Ginger, only to discover that Ginger had hopped off the train just as it was leaving Penn Station.  Stone jumped off to pursue her, getting hit by another train in the process and leaving Otto stuck en route to Chicago.

No doubt Otto had plenty of zany adventures on his little detour, but he will have to tell us about them some other time.

Adonijah was one of the sons of King David, and the older brother of Solomon.  He assumed that he was going to be next in line for the throne, and when he found out that Dad had other ideas, he attempted a coup.  Solomon found out about Big Bro’s plot and was able to get himself crowned first.

Adonijah realized he was in big-time hoo-hah, (now there’s an expression you probably never heard in Sunday School) and so he fled to the Temple and threw himself on the altar, claiming sanctuary.

Solomon forgave his brother… but he didn’t forget.  He kept an eye on Adonijah,  and some time later when Adonijah  requested to marry David’s former bed-warmer, (really; that’s what she was.  It’s a strange story), Solomon interpreted that as an attempt to strengthen Adonijah’s own claim to the throne in preparation for another attempt to seize it.    So Solomon had him executed.

None of which answers the question:  What were Stone’s parents thinking when they gave him that name???