Go where you are needed, help where you can.  Do not tarry where you are not needed.  Own only what you can take with you.  Fight the monsters, not your kin.  What you find, you keep.  Are you ready to live the code?  Are you ready to take up the life?  Kill the monster. Get the treasure.  Survive?

A couple months ago I posted about an illustration project I worked on that was nearing publication.  Well, the wait is now over; Doomed Slayers has finally arrived.

Doomed Slayers is a role-playing game suppliment written by a German gamer named Jürgen Hubert, an engineer with a PhD in Computational Materials Engineering who dared to ask the question:  In what type of society would the practice of delving into dungeons, slaying monsters and taking their treasure be considered a viable career option?

He took the standard role of the adventurer in the Traditional Gygaxian Dungeon Fantasy and made it into a profession, with it’s own traditions, code of conduct and reason for existence.  They are called Slayers, because their mission is to slay monsters, and “Doomed” because of their short life expentancy.

In addition to describing the adventuring order of the Slayers, the book also includes an overview of a campaign setting in which the Slayers might be used.

Although inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, Doomed Slayers is not written for any specific game system and can be a useful resource for any heroic fantasy role-playing campaign.

Doomed Slayers is published by Hell Creek Santitarium and available in PDF form through DriveThru RPG.