Another project of mine is soon to rise out of the chthonic darkness:  a gaming suppliment I illustrated titled Doomed Slayers.

The book is the work of my friend Jürgen Hubert and takes an interesting look at the classic Gygaxian Dungeon Fantasy that has long been the standard setting for role-playing games.  He wondered in what kind of society would going into subterranean caverns to kill monsters and bring back treasure be considered a viable career option.

His answer was to define the Slayer as a vocation, and to imagine how these “Doomed Slayers” (so-called because of their low life-expectancy) would related to the rest of society.

Doomed Slayers describes the adventurer’s profession, the type of professional and ethical guidelines they are expected to operate by, and how they are regarded by the society they protect from encroaching evils.  The material in the book can be easily adapted to any D&D or similar role-playing game, but it also contains an outline of a game world in which to set a “Doomed Slayers” campaign.

And the illustrations are pretty spiffy too, but then I am biased in that regard.

Doomed Slayers is published by Hell Creek Sanitarium and should be coming out around the end of this month or early next.  I’ll have more information as it comes.