I figured out why I couldn’t get the image for “I’m Hungry” in the Commissions Gallery to show.  It was a formatting problem.  When I color in PhotoShop I have the habit of doing it in CYMK mode rather than RBG mode.  My background is in print, so I’m used to thinking in printing colors.  Yeah, I’m a dinosaur. 

(If you’re curious, CYMK stands for Cyan, Yellow, Magenta & Black; the four standard ink colors used in printing.  Colors on a computer screen are painted with light, not ink, and use three base colors:  Red, Blue and Green.  See?  This blog is educational as well as entertaining!)

All of the images I had previously uploaded were either black & white, or had already been colored before I scanned them so were automatically scanned in RBG mode.  The I’m Hungry image was the first one I tried uploading that I had actually colored in PhotoShop.

It seems that WordPress doesn’t like CYMK; so I’ll have to make sure I convert any colored art files to the proper format in the future.  Ah well.  At least I now know what the problem was.

I’ve updated Hannibal Tesla and will add a new page every day until I chew through my backlog.  Once I get the strip caught up, I will update once per week.  I’m also adding some commentary to the strips when I think I have something interesting to say about it.

And if you have anything to add, whether questions, comments or snarky remarks, feel free to use the Comment button.  I live for feedback.