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Eventually, this is going to be a website.

Well, technically it already is; but at the moment it’s more framework and format than anything of actual interest.  But that will change.

Chiefly, this site will be the new home of my webcomic, Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine, a high-flying pulp adventure about a two-fisted scientist and his amazing associates.  (Any resemblence between him and a certain Man of Bronze are not terribly surprising).  Hannibal originally ran as a weekly strip on ComicSpace, and has also run at Abandoned Towers.  With the changes in format at ComicSpace, I’ve decided to give Hannibal a home of his own.

This site is also going to contain galleries of my artwork:  cartoons, “furry art”, caricatures and other commissions.

As I expand this, I may also include some of my written work as well:  filk, commentary and short fiction.  Heck, I might actually use this site to blog.  Wouldn’t that be a concept.

But for the moment, I’m just getting started.  Consider this post as an ominous portent of Things To Come