Ginger’s back!

Sorry for the long wait, folks.  I had computer problems, and lost my login to my website host and… blah blah, okay I got distracted.  But we’re back and I’ll try to update more frequently.

Here we have the return of Ginger’s friend, bandleader “Hot Stuff” Harry Hasenpfeffer, the Baronet of the Swing Ukulele.

The Beige Bowler is, of course, a reference to the famous “Brown Derby” in Hollywood.

The song Harry sings is a bit of verse I cribbed from Walt Kelly’s comic strip, POGO.  Kelly liked to give his characters snatches of nonsense verse.  My Dad had a record album, “Songs of the Pogo”, containing a lot of them which I listened to over and over as a kid.  “Mamie” was not on that album, but I always felt that the “sailor-man from Turkestan” was an evocative line and wondered exactly why he was knocking on the door.