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tesla danger 024

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Begin Comic

Some time ago I came across a reference to a secret basement in Grand Central Station containing an electric system for keeping track of the subway trains and controlling the switching — essentially an early computer.  It had been built in 1914 by Westinghouse for the Terminal.  The source did not mention Nikola Tesla, but since Westinghouse was the company Tesla went to work for when he left Edison, the connection was too irresistible to pass up.

Only now I can’t find the blessed source.  I wasted a good chunk of the day looking for it.  I found mention of the Terminals M42 basement containing a secret power station which is probably what my lost source was talking about, but I found no mention of anything like a computer.

It’s only a minor plot point in this current story, but I might use it in the future… If only I can find the stupid source information!!!